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Resilient Knights will provide a protected environment in which spiritual, physical and psychological injuries, associated with trauma, combat or training related injuries, can begin to heal. Through peer- to-peer support initiatives, art and equine therapies, and experience from members who have been there, Resilient Knights will ensure that no American Hero is left behind.

150 acres property, butted up to the Daniel Boone National Forest, gives a place to relax; often referred to as a place of peace. With Rocky Mountain and Thoroughbred Horses, both special to Kentucky's Culture, there is always plenty of love to be given and received. Of Course we have the barn cats, chickens and dogs, Gus and Judah.

We also have a garden, a large wood shop and the options of painting, sewing, photography, pottery, canning, fishing and drawing. We believe that the arts offer many opportunities for friendships and inner healing. 

Just want to read a book? You can find numerous locations throughout the farm that allows complete relaxation, from the large walnut trees in yard to the front swing, there are so many options.

One other awesome feature of the farm: our founders make the BEST FOOD!

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