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The Vision of Resilient Knights

Serving those who have, as the result of their Service to our Country, suffered PTSD and TBI by offering peer to peer support through art. We will also offer several art therapy options for the caregiver/spouses. We will be working on bringing as many differing options of art to the community. It is our mission to ensure Soldiers, and their caregivers, at the WTB's throughout the Army, all have access to art programs. Woodworking, pottery, painting, and music are just a few of the opportunities we believe can help heal the mind and body while recovering from physical and psychological injuries caused from combat and training for combat.

"Be Strong, and let us fight bravely for our people"


a time to love, a time hate; a time of war and a time of healing

After 25 years Active Duty Army, SGM Thomas Eidschun began falling out. Sent to Walter Reed, it would take two years of constant fighting to get the diagnosis he needed to function again in every day life. It was easy to focus on all he could not do, but with the help of his family and his occupational therapists, he found his way to something he could still do; woodworking. 

His wife, Michelle, spent all those years advocating and supporting her husband through the battle. This lead to an understanding of the difficulties that face military spouses and caregivers, from both the military member as well as from the Drs and Command.

It is now their journey to take what they learned and offer a retreat at their home; a place to spend time woodworking for the military members, and a place to relax and get encouraged to continue advocating for the caregivers.

During their time at Walter Reed, one day always help them refocus and relax, Wednesday. Every week, a local art school in VA offered pottery and forging to local wounded, injured and ill military. The time at these classes became invaluable to both of them and they want to make sure every military member wounded, and their caregivers, all have the same opportunities.


Resilient Knights is a completely self sufficient non profit, with 100% of the proceeds going toward the mission of helping to bring art to the loves of each military member wounded and in the WTB. We are focusing our attention of the Ft Bragg WTB and their Soldiers first, beginning to work with those in the community to help with our mission. We are also purchasing land in Robbins, NC to build a retreat for those with repeated TBIs, that will focus on woodworking and peer to peer therapy. 


Get in touch with Resilient Knights to learn more about our blueprints or with any questions you may have. We hope to be a fully functioning retreat by 2019.

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